Creme Des Palmier Review

Creme Des PalmierWhen you think about haute skin care, you used to think French. Now they can come from all over the world. South Korea and Japan are making a lot of great products. The US and UK are making their entries as well. But French Skin Care is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Perhaps building on that hype is Creme Des Palmier, a new anti aging eye cream that claims to diminish under eye wrinkles.

In our review of Creme Des Palmier today, we’re going to be talking all about this popular new crème. We’ll be focusing on things like ingredients, claims, potential benefits, cost and even talk a little bit about the rumored Crème Des Palmier trial program. But as much as we like talking about new products, sometimes it’s best to focus on ones that are tried and true. Speaking of, we’ve linked to our current favorite anti-aging cream below. If you’re interested in trying out something new, definitely check it out. You can do so now by clicking the banner right below this paragraph.

Creme Des Palmier Trial

Creme Des Palmier | Good Product or Good Marketing?

That’s always the question in skin care. Everything is so intricately designed that some products can be almost irresistible. But when it comes down to the ingredients, a lot of these products boil down to a few different approaches;

  1. Dynamic but temporary – This is the land of gimmicks. Products here are extremely marketable, and can get you results. The thing is…those results don’t last long. They’re centered on ingredients that can make the skin do something. A common effect is a plumping or lifting, but it’s usually very short lived.
  2. Slow but lasting – The best skin care products are giving your skin something they’re missing. They’re also addressing something that’s not going to give results overnight. The biggest thing here is that they’re not using gimmicky ingredients and the thing that separates them is usually as simple as the base; oil or water.

So which camp does Crème Des Palmier fall into? We think it’s the second, as they’re advertising a few ingredients that make it seem like it should belong there.

Creme Des Palmier Ingredient List

One thing that we hate about new products like Creme Des Palmier is that there often isn’t a full ingredient label that comes with it online. That means in order to see the ingredients, you need to order the product. But that can make it tough for people with skin allergies and other skin issues. The only ingredient we know for sure it has right now is peptides. Peptides are a common ingredient in skincare and can help fight moisture loss via transepidermal water loss.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about the remaining ingredients in Creme Des Palmier.

Creme Des Palmier Reviews

This list of things we can barely talk about continues to grow. Creme Des Palmier is a newer product on the market. That makes things tricky for us. We’re obviously not going to find user reviews for Crème Des Palmier. It’s new, so we would give it a few weeks before those start to trickle in.

Where to Buy Creme Des Palmier

If you’re interested in buying Creme De Palmier, then you’ll be happy to know that you can get it straight through their website. Right now, it appears to be exclusive to Australia, but that might be changing soon. We would imagine that it will be available in Australia, the United Kingdom and the U.S. but, again, we’re not sure. The interesting thing to us has been that it doesn’t seem to be available in a normal sales method. Rather, it’s available via a trial program. Let’s discuss this trial program in the next section.

The Crème De Palmier Trial AU

If you’ve ever seen an online trial program, you’ll know that they can be tricky to follow. The trials typically follow the model seen below. You pay the initial shipping cost up front, and you get enrolled in the program. The 15 days they’re saying here means from the date you order the bottle, not from the date you receive it. That can mean you only spend a few real days trying the product, if you get to at all. The trial program might not be right for everybody. But if you want to get Creme De Palmier, it will have to be. Right now it’s the only way to buy the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve ever considered using a product as new as Creme Des Palmier, then you’ll know that there isn’t much information out there at the start. It always takes awhile for marketing departments and their ilk to get things straight with the product developers. Even then, sometimes there isn’t enough good information to go around. That’s why we’re going to answer a few questions that we foresee you having.

How long until I get my package?

Hard to say. We’re not the company, so we don’t have access to any of that information. If you want updates on your shipment, you’ll have to try talking with the company itself.

How long until I see results with Creme Des Palmier? 

It depends on the person. There aren’t any studies for us to point to and say hey, the normal person will get results within this set amount of time. That leaves us reaching for answers. There are a few things that you should be doing to make sure you’re getting results as fast as possible, and that starts with using the product as regularly as possible. 

I have very sensitive skin, is Creme Des Palmier safe?

That’s a question better answered by a qualified health professional. If you have a dermatologist or a doctor you visit regularly, chat it over with them. If you don’t, and you insist on using the product despite our advice, then apply it in a place away from your face and neck when you’re first trying it out.

I have another question!

Alright, alright, you can put your hand down now. We can’t see you, in fact, we’re making up these questions. If you have other questions about the product, they’re probably best answered by the company itself.